Happy December!

As you might or might not have noticed, there has not been any noticeable progress on the Manual of Traffic Signs since the completion of the Regulatory Signs section a while ago. I assure you that things are happening behind the scenes, mainly in experimenting with some rather-challenging user-editable PDF files.

However, it would appear not everyone is content. I do have a person who e-mails me periodically expressing a seeming lack of satisfaction with progress on the website. Today’s e-mail was short and to the point:

“Better hurry before I lose patience.”

Last time I checked, this site is (and has been for over two decades) a free resource open to all. And at my last recollection I have no contracts with anyone demanding that product be delivered by a specific date. I also have many other demands on my time such as my family, maintaining a house, volunteer work, and other things that keep me remarkably busy from wake-up to crash-out. Plus preparing for upcoming meetings in DC in January. So I find it both amusing and irritating that someone I’ve never recall meeting and with whom I have no professional or personal relationship sees themselves as making such a confident demand/threat on my time and resources.

Rest assured progress will be seen – perhaps not immediately, but in good time. And I think nearly all of you will be happy with the results. Except maybe for this guy.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and all that from the Manual of Traffic Signs, and hope to have something up soon.

R11, R12, R13, and R14s are Done!

Managed to find some time to finish the R11, R12, R13 and R14 series signs in the Regulatory Signs section. Many user-editable PDFs – plus, if you’ve ever wondered what the “National Network” is, just click on the caption in the R14-4 and R14-5 PDFs.

Almost done with the Rs…

R10s Are Done!

Let a signal go forth to the multitudes…

The R10 series of traffic signal signs is complete and updated (and includes the new signs from IA-12 and IA-16). I hope you find them… illuminating. 🙂

I also updated the Regulatory Signs page ( with new GIFs showing a wider variety of signs.

Enjoy, and comments are always welcome.

What Next?

As I start the R10 series, I’m about 75% complete with the R series of regulatory signs.

I have a question for site users: once the Rs are done, what section should I start on next? The original plan was to jump into W series warning signs, but if there’s greater interest, I could start in on the M series of route marker signs.

Let me know what you all would prefer in the comments. I’ll take it into consideration. Also welcoming feedback on the the revamp of the site so far – revised graphics, greater number of sign examples, user-editable PDFs, adding in signs from IAs, etc.

R4s Are Done

It’s too hot to clean the garage, so I completed the R4 series of signs instead. A lot fewer than the R3s, and only one PDF that had to be set up as user-editable (R4-12). But just for fun I set up the PDF for the R4-10 so users can change the type of runaway item. 🙂

We’re making progress…