The Grumbles of the W11s

I’m currently plowing through the revamp of the W11 series signs for advance warning of persons / animals / things / etc. Most of these signs use symbols to depict the object that a road user should try not to hit. As part of this revamp, I’m re-creating all the symbols from scratch, as I’ve discovered the symbols used in earlier editions of this Manual aren’t as exactly conforming to the FHWA standard symbols as I would want.

Some of the symbols, like the pedestrian and bicycle, are relatively simple. And then you get the more challenging ones, like the golf cart or horse-drawn vehicle. But I thought the old-fashioned Hoyt-Clagwell tractor on the W11-5 was going to be the toughest one to trace.

Until I met… The Moose.

The W11-21 is ridiculously complex. Goofy antlers with shadows, funny hooves, and the droopy dewlap. Plus an evil eye. Here’s a close-up of one of the antlers:

Not the simplest symbol to work on…

So, it’s going a bit slowly, but the resulting W11 signs should be excellent. If I don’t go nuts first.

(no, I don’t think there’s a W11 sign for that…)

Friday Night Sign Dump

It’s been a reasonably productive week. First, the W10 series of railroad and light rail signs is complete, so we’re over halfway done with the warning sign section.

But then I realized: with the W10s done, all I’d need to do is update a few I series signs, and I could complete the Railroad and Light Rail Signs section (the R15s were done late last year).

So I started working on the I-7, I-12, and I-13. But I didn’t want to leave the section only halfway done, so I finished up all the I series information signs.

And then I updated the Guide and Information Signs navigation page too, even though any meaningful work on the D, E, and Recreational/Cultural Signs is still lurking in the future.

So, here’s what’s new as of very late on the Ides of March:

As always, PDF files for signs with varying legends (I1-1 signal speed sign, I-2 & I-3 boundary and geographic feature signs, W10-11 series crossing storage signs, etc.) have user-editable text for convenience. And the I-2 & I-3 signs come in two different sizes!

Enjoy the updates. 🙂