Great New Stuff!

It’s been a few months since the Manual of Traffic Signs was updated. But a difficult autumn, the holiday season, NCUTCD, and TRB are now behind us, and work has resumed on the website.

I asked users whether work should be prioritized on route marker signs or on warning signs, and the responses were roughly evenly split. So, just to make things more challenging, I chose to update both (which explains some of the delay).

This evening, I uploaded new main pages for Marker Signs and Warning Signs, plus revised content for the M1 series of route marker shields and W1 series turn and curve signs.

Other Bonus Items:

I thank you all for your patience. The plan for now is to continue updating both the marker and warning sign sections one piece at a time (M2s and W2s, M3s & W3s, etc.) as I have the ability. We’ll get them both done in due time – hopefully before the rulemaking on the next edition of the MUTCD.

Enjoy the new stuff!