(for now, anyway)

As of 6 PM MST on October 30th, 2019, the Manual of Traffic Signs update and revamp is hereby declared to be complete. Over two years and thousands of hours of work in creating hundreds of all-new sign files and user-editable PDFs is finished. The result has been uploaded and stands ready to satisfy your traffic sign information needs.

I’ve finished the rest of the D series signs and revised the webpages to more clearly denote which signs have PDF files that are user-editable. I also rearranged the main page to group similar items and emphasize content.

There are still two items of unfinished business:

I haven’t yet created the page(s) for E series freeway and expressway guide signs, as many of those signs don’t have standard MUTCD codes – I’m still working out how I’ll organize and group that section.

I also haven’t revised the section on recreational and cultural interest signs, for two reasons: one, FHWA has not yet released the official layouts for these signs (yes, I know Caltrans has developed some layouts, but they’re not “FHWA-official”). Also, there is a possibility this section may be dropped from the next edition of the MUTCD – we’ll see when the draft MUTCD is released (any time soon…) 🙂

Anyway, I’m happy with how it’s turned out so far. As always, feedback (preferably positive) is always welcome.