Mid-February Update

I’m setting a goal of finishing about 7 signs per day. Note that this entails:

  • drawing (or redrawing) the sign in a graphics program
  • dropping the signs into the page templates
  • adding the sign code and description, and
  • generating the PDF and GIF files – sometimes with an animated GIF.

Plus, there are signs with changeable legends that need an additional step to allow for user-changeable legends in the PDF files.

For example, today I continued work on the R3 series signs, and discovered I’d missed the new roundabout-specific versions of the R3-8 intersection lane control signs. Not the easiest signs to draw, either – here’s an example:

Still working my way through. Once the R3s are done, I’ll update the MUTCD and other links and post the page, and get on to the R4s.