Manual of Traffic Signs News – September 2017 (thru the 19th)

The long-awaited revamp of the Manual of Traffic Signs site is underway! What’s new:

  • New main page
  • New Sign Colors page
  • New Object Markers page
  • New Regulatory Signs page
  • New R1 Series Signs page
  • New R2 Series Signs page
  • New sign images (GIF images in much higher resolution with more layout options
  • New user-editable sign PDFs (need a custom speed limit? Make it whatever speed you want!)

The plan is to create all-new images and pages for the Manual, with links to the most recent 2009 MUTCD. I’m starting with the Regulatory Signs section (currently working on the R3 series signs). Once the regulatory signs are done, I’ll start in on warning signs, then on marker signs. I’ll announce updates here on the News page as they’re completed.

It’s gonna be a huge job to completely update this site after a decade-plus hiatus, but it’ll be worth it. And I’m planning on keeping it simple, fast-loading, and ad-free.

Hope you enjoy!