Manual of Traffic Signs
Regulatory Signs

Create Your Own Regulatory Sign
R1 Series Signs - STOP, YIELD, and Pedestrian Crossing
R2 Series Signs - Speed Regulation
R3 Series Signs - Turn and Lane Use
R4 Series Signs - Movement Regulation
R5 Series Signs - Selective Exclusion
R6 Series Signs - One Way, Divided Highway, and Roundabout
R7 Series Signs - Parking Regulation
R8 Series Signs - Parking Prohibition, Emergency Restriction, and Rail Crossing Regulation
R9 Series Signs - Pedestrian, Bicycle, and Equestrian
R10 Series Signs - Traffic Signal
R11 Series Signs - Road Closure
R12 Series Signs - Weight Limit
R13 Series Signs - Weigh Station
R14 Series Signs - Truck Route
R15 Series Signs - Railroad and Light Rail
R16 Series Signs - Seat Belt, Crash Clearance, and Headlight Use

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