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Highway Sign Font and Image Vendors

The font used for word legends on this website is the the Pixymbols series of fonts created by Page Studio Graphics of Oro Valley, Arizona. These fonts are accurate replicas of the Standard Alphabets for Highway Signs defined by FHWA.

The Font Bureau also has created the "Interstate" series of fonts and signs (loosely) based on the FHWA typefaces and signs, where the letterforms and spacings have been adapted for improved legibility and flexibility in print and computer applications.

Larabie Fonts also offers a highway sign font for sale called "Expressway".

Mike the Actuary over at offers a full set of Roadgeek Series Fonts for non-commercial use, encompassing all standard Federal Series alphabets, along with Clearview, British Transport, and some European sign fonts as well.

Speaking of Clearview, Terminal Design offers a full set of Clearview fonts designed for commercial, public agency and sign design use.

There is also a shareware font that replicates the old-style "block" lettering used on 1920s-1930s signs. This can be seen at and downloaded from Bruce Cridlebaugh's website.

There are companies that sell professional-level software for sign design and layout. While these software packages can be expensive, the cost savings for high-volume production of signs can be considerable. Most state DOTs and many other agencies have standardized on one of the following two software packages:

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